Because he walked away his gelato is melting he is not here so his americano is cooling- it no longer has the ability to scald. Because this chair is empty the water glass pools with condensation and the gelato continues to drip through the mesh metal table

Dear John,

I keep trying to make the turn and I’m going too fast I remember that when you go too sharply round the corner your heart’s stops in the street I take the turn real wide and never making it through I am still three doors down and just across the table talking to you  …


Don’t rhyme. Not at all. Just drip.


I want to feel the warm taste in my throat when I drink of the sunlight that splashes on my car and seeps into my pores and pollinates my corneas, making them dilate to the rhythm of summer heat and hope and white, cracked sidewalks mirrored with sprinkler ponds and brightly colored towel bridges where…


The Sum of our things: 3 meals a day, one marriage, child on the way, 9 to 5, so we can pay 7nth day Sabbath, so we can pray 365 attempts for the highest quality 10% to church, 7% to state, 20 gallons driving the space in between a handshake and a hug that we…

In memory

I often think about Claire I say to myself, my little e “Claire” I think these terrible thoughts in Russian accents And hide my sorrow in the shroud of night   I often wonder about death and all her demises What she might use to seduce, confuse, cause suicide I think about my past, my…

The Verge of

Airborn and ready for today careworn but ready for tomorrow I wanna be in love but I laugh anyway it’s the rhythm of the sun and something that takes me over and makes my foot tap slowly softly slowly faster bringing me closer to–


Heart beat heart in my car fast car when we talk fast talk on the road love road from the beach wave beach where we run sun run where we talk fast talk where waves crash waves and my heart beats stop beats then my heart crash heart crashed into your smile crash smile

A Dalliance

Writing- a dance Pen strokes- a chance word sounds- a chant vowel rounds- in rants that’s all it is- a dance Ideas bounce- in trance word counts – in France write RENOUNCE -in caps Sentence carousals- this dance

Song Time

I think I can say this, I like you. I think I can just feel this, between me and maybe even you- that I like you.   Let me strum this a little tossing down some one beat lyrics and turn your name through a couple of three chords hooks then I will shake you…


That I may have a faith that is indestructible from a god that is indescribable offering a life that is eternal to a man that seems unforgivable You’re a God that is unforgettable with truth that is undeniable and hope that is unconquerable You’re a God that is uncompromising sacrificing divinity for a creature that…


Boy found a lamp; light it to see color on an old-fashioned shade by an old-fashioned girl waiting under a blanket hand-made