A trick of light

like fractal light the boys dazzle me
I see glimmers
of goodness, chivalry, resolution and passion.
They briefly shine
in witty comments, thoughtful stares, or maybe an ability to dance.
at worse case
when the prism beam pierces
I see them hold a child
with fatherly care.
These glimmers.
could be hints of a future
or could carry the weight and depth and breadth
of a desert massage.
between hope (foreshadowing a future)
and disappointment (uncertainty at what has yet to happen)
is this other truth.
I fall and fall and fall for fractions.
Crushes couched
in one dimension of a person
a strong arm
a pensive glance
dedication to work or books or movies or sports
some seductive scheme
and the trap is set.
the dimension begin to take over the person
I perceive them as such-
defined by one aspect of an entire being
-a being, a myriad existence of hopes dreams and passions
I, a sap for the flickered fraction felt
the light of something good
which seems to pierce my perceptions
and I
one whole girl
-a being, myriad existence of hopes dream and passions
find myself out chasing holograms.

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