Why poetry?

Create something that surpasses a moment,
in the angst and depth or grief, anger or disappointment.
Don’t drown – be overtaken by the weight of the thing surrounding.
Rather than succumbing to it all,
you get to create something new
you get to build something that didn’t exist before
you get to fashion and carve and mold a feeling, an impression, a reaction, a perception,
into a work of art,
or into something measurable that you can safely tuck away
and something
where you can go back and look at these photographs
of the conversations you had with the universe
where you asked
was it good
was it beautiful
was it sad
was it worth crying for?
and so you raise your fist
and you dig into the roots
the dirt gets under your fingers
and you tear through the color pallet that language is
then batter a canvas with these things
you make a tangible thing
that a friend can borrow
and they can say, I remember or I’ve never been there
and they may know you better
they may know themselves better
and we may
see the universe in another light

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