Sometime I have to dig my fingernails into the keyboard to bleed
It’s a healthy thing I swear.
If you only tasted the iron in my apathy
Would you then keep typing?
I went to a jungle last week
I hated the place
I hated the monsters
I hated the climate that made me sweat the natural scent of selfishness
You just brought out the worst in me
I keep throwing mud at the wall and hoping it will stick
I want this rush to qualify as substance
I want this mush to be molded into the solid desires on the other side of that tv screen
Jealousy lives wild and free in me
Next door to the domicile of sadness and disappointment
Are we so healthy now?
We’ve jobs and good manners
We haven’t been disowned
You disowners
You dethroners
Usurp my core
And know how deeply nothing I can deign to feel

Distract me with some chimes
It will only take a small bowl of charming, jingling things.
You could carrot this horse into a corral of pretty things
Like comfort and protection
You know nothing of the price of your castles.
My eyes are wide open and I don’t like it in this cavern.

Someone let time run wild
An animal to ravage youth and plunder security
Feeling so at the mercy
Didn’t you want to be a career maven?

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