Degrees of Sadness

Sadness is like humidity It’s like the wet hot Florida heat that fogs your sunglasses and gets trapped in your throat The warmth makes it hard to breath The temperature is palpable And sometimes your heart just hurts Depression can be sticky Like sap on your hands Disrupting every touch So that your fingers cloyingly…

Welcoming My Precious Intruder

Pregnancy is a strange sicknessWith a promised finale of utter pain followed by overwhelming joyBut for many months that growing fetus infects youThis living wondrous thing takes residence in a bodyVery unfamiliar with foreign, living occupantsThe host can have moments of being rather perturbedBy the intensity with whichThis seed takes root and ripples through the…


We will be three Three we will be Five with the pups, Michael, baby and me

I digress

I took your name off the listand it toppled a thousand tablesBook strewn and predictable You were a mighty treeBlowing the daffodil and cattail wind my way You, that apparitionMe, that curly haired voyeur You couldn’t handle complicatedYou eradicated A forest of affectionGrown only on the nurturingOf imagination and a few chance meeting You silly…

Waiting For the New Normal

We’re all waiting, in different ways, for this “new normal” to kick in
Sometimes with yoga and art, other days with weed and gin.