Waiting For the New Normal

Guest Post by Bernie Zilio

  • Written May 5, 2020 during the Corona Virus Quarantine

Isn’t it mind-blowing that the word “pandemic”
Has in a matter of months become part of our daily rhetoric?
Six feet apart, but for most, more
A homebody, admittedly, but mentally not anymore.

Sitting here anxious, this solitude’s made me think
Lord knows I can’t wait to hear, “Can I start you off with an app or drink?”
But it’s more than just the downtime, closed shops and working from home
It’s even more than the increased reliance and obsession with our phones.

Some say stuck, while others insist safe at home
You’re entitled to feel both, just know you’re not alone.
I often wonder, am I the only one who finds comfort to know
That this uncertainty has affected all 8 billion of us, regardless of who lets it show?

We’re all waiting, in different ways, for this “new normal” to kick in
Sometimes with yoga and art, other days with weed and gin.
Life will never be the same, can’t tell if that’s bad or good
On perhaps the only plus side, Mother Nature’s flourishing in nearly every neighborhood.

My fridge and cabinets are stocked, I thank God for that
And when I can’t give of myself or my funds, I pray for those who lack.
To the frontline workers, the grocers and everyone in between:
Without you, the possibility of a “new normal” would be only what could have been.

Bernie Zilio is an entertainment reporter from Miami, living in Los Angeles. She’s a Cuban-Italian mutt and a proud graduate of the University of Florida.

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