The Harvest of An Idealist

This brainwork is a bed of soil A place she where she digs And I watch as her thoughts they grow I like to peek over the iron-wrought walls of friendship, fortresses and fear to see The things that grow beneath Her words fall Into the freshly-watered soil of a blank computer page To grow…

My Highlight Reel -2016, A Bucket List Year

This was a year of discovery and conquering fears. From little things to big things, I explored the world this year. Met one of my favorite local authors at her recent book signing Interviewed with tech companies in San Francisco and Manhattan Went rock climbing and made it to the top despite being afraid of…

Poet Trying

Poet trying To wake up Song in my heart Sad on my lips Words in the works Looking for bliss Slipping far from the morning stretch Window sun rays and alarm clocks Pretty happy A new race beginning That goodbye bittersweet But building a bridge that I feel Will force me to grow up And…

Favorite Excerpt from The Great Gastsby

Yet high over the city our line of yellow windows must have contributed their share of human secrecy to the casual watcher in the darkening streets, and I was him too, looking up and wondering. I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life. -F. Scott Fitzgerald

Love that Brings Strength

You make it difficult to breathe and I like it Oxygen flows only slowly to my brain Dizzying with thoughts that are not plain my mind functions short and heart triple-steps I’m leaning and falling and hoping for the best you’re beaming and leaning your head upon my chest my arms are wrapping themselves around…

All Things Beautiful

For Alyssa Smith, a dancer and dear friend. Bind a back Bind a brain Break a body Blinding pain Bury roots of a friendship In bandages we became partners of sorrow Felt in bone’s marrow Brought to our knees In prayers and in pleas Bound in our brittleness To be better we breathe

Passing youth

  Afternoons carousel by In circles, high, then low And I slide past the child on a white champion stallion With pink and purple ceramic ribbons streaming beneath my hands I stop before the watchful mother with her arms protecting on either side of an unsteady daughter Making sure there are no falls Between the…

The Universe

I built a city did you know It was a breathing thing I grew a garden did you see It was a colored climbing thing I built a castle do you believe It was a safe and powerful thing I carved a people can you tell They were a dusty earthen thing


Ousting the contingency plan and security’s chains Shedding the scale of timidity to find something living To trade yesterday for tomorrow To exchange possibility for comfortable sorrow Finished with the twisting movement Of looking back to plan it all better next time


This house built of feathers– Oft crushed by the wind. May also be lifted over canyons.