Here is a recent poem dealing with some of the more difficult parts of life.


A glitch in the matrix A disturbance in the force The interruption you feel When you find out news About someone you care about While some say Every time a bell rings An angel’s doing things the interruption I keep hearing is distant human suffering

It’s cold inside.

Sledgehammer Saturdays– I know better. Ice chips Those friendships They melt into kitchen cracks on the floor What if you knew what I was made of? Loose seams broken dreams Laughing into tears that hysteria stings. And the wicked wings of time Keep flying over me crawling in a dessert Hoping cupped hands will offer affection…

Toads, Snails and Sandbox Friends

  she was yellow green and orange with the midweek headache And a tower built out of old camera tripods Came crawling around the corners of her desk And built themselves into a wailing wall of nostalgia and comfort She was steel, glass and tiny broomstick fibers Then bent and broke and sometimes flew if…