City of Overpasses

I was thinking about running somewhere new
I was considering walking under trees after dark
I imagined sitting by the Saint John’s River and watching the ripples roll by
I thought of digging my feet in Jax beach sand and leaning against the crests of the dunes
I got in my car and rode over bridges and peeked across water to see city lights
I pictured golf course stretches and waterside Christmas trees at the bay
I moved right into the arms of a holiday

The day I left Orlando I took my first trek up the right angle
Escape toward Daytona
Tag the beach
Then race up I-95
Towards home
A new home

This one with a fireplace
This one with a mantel for my new yellow grandfather clock
A gift from a now long-distance best friend
This home with a patio to cradle my gray adirondack chairs
I chose the apartment with the high top bar and mirrored closets
I chose the complex with a dog park
I didn’t know the park was full of ant piles that would attack my feet
But the pup is happy so it’s ok.
The pool has a nearby fountain with a pleasant hum
I see neighbors playing tennis and hope to join them one day
There’s a stillness in me here
And it is good.

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