Closer and Farther

I play 9 crimes again
I promised not to never let this happen again
I nurse my heart and know these ones never get tears only some short lines in a book
I think of tragedy
That last time I had to rescue my versus
Strewn through b drives and e drives and over 4 years of desk revelations
It’s not alright…yeahhh
Same lines yet never once the hope to lean against a soothing chest and want that calm promise and shhhhhhh of this flurry that continues
Fuck it’s heartache again
Come on cellos carry me away again
I’ll rest on your strings and slide down your neck instead
Rocking a feeling in your arms like a babe
Cradling these dreamings soft and heavy between two vacant arms
Waltz with me, Mister Rice

Across the space of loneliness
Where the mirage of romance most strongly exists

As bitter as unsweetened coffee
Propelling you forward
Awake without having slept

Around around these planetary turnstiles
Years, minutes, and years

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