C'mon Song

C’mon words

take me with you baby

take me on your guitar train

and lullaby me to some land that’s empty and yellow with plains


C’mon sweet

take away this rocking noise, these lusting boys

this cluttered shattered breaking scene

this old apartment that kept everyone away from me


C’mon sunset

Fall on me and lead me to a lake or quiet stream

where water will wash away the shame of yesterday

and the coolest water will be in red pails for little me.


C’mon weeper

Walk with me to the great stronghold

that has arms and a plan and a Father and green pasture

and these universe-wielding hands will keep you steady


C’mon last rhymes

and sad times

with harmonial chimes

for which cherubims incline

to hear mortal whines

left in verbal signs

of distress



faith that is emboldened by unimaginable trembling

reflective of indescribable suffering

this weakness

this soul

we all are cocooning eternity in.

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