Compass Roses

Sew initials into some newer canvas

A different landscape of rolling unknown sweeping horizons

A conversation uncovering different perspectives

Peering under rocks where unknown animals inhabit other worlds

Who are you?

Sail your ship home.

Navigating age.

Navigating thought.

Let’s map out a destiny.

Let’s forecast our futures.

Let’s be a let’s.

I just want to chart something.

I just want to map out stars I’ve been staring out for years.

The window bound hours,

Where expanses of world long to be interpreted.

A conversation, a journey.

A chance to be surprised

When my memories decay with repetition.

Play, play.

Let your records turn some ideas around.

Let the spinning sound carry the sun down and over and over a globe.

Frozen spheres where

We live out these jobs.

I find release in the motion.

Drop your anchor

I’ll drop my sword.

Batten the hatches.

We’ll take the world.

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