Dew You Like Me

I’m swimming

In feelings

Dancing in that rain of sensation

The one where

You feel something new

For someone new

It could be a mirage

A spring shower that quickly passes

But I kinda like it

It’s a peaceful like thing this time

The way thunder clouds comfort me

From the chaos that happens on sunny days

I like the smell of new rain on the earth

When dirt first soaks in a heavier dew

When little blades of grass stretch their arms to catch

Those tiny crystal balls of water, spheres of liquid held

Before dripping down

Fast and deep into the earth

Where roots grow

Where seeds are sewn

Where life begins

Where stumps will one day sprout

Planting hope

Creating the timber that great ships are built from

I want a life with all the rings of age

From pith to bark

Let’s embark.

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