Please take the wheel

Choose the road

Take this body to some unknown place

Take the risk

Of going in the other lane

When it’s occupied

By another, larger vehicle

Touch the gas pedal

Choose our speed

Fast through life

Slow past trees

Decide the destination

Take the weight of living

From me

Carry me over the bridge with you

Lifeless in your arms

Carry me across the street

From one day to the next

I tire

Of turning the wheel alone

Avoiding steep curves

Getting to the next known destination

I will close my eyes

I hope not to wake


To swerving sadness

To the possibility

That you will fall asleep

The we will lose control

I will give control

Take the wheel

Make the choice

Avoiding cliffs

Avoiding curves

Make it safely home

With wind blowing through the window

With darkness surrounding

With peace inside

While there’s chaos outside

And you hold the stillness at ten and two

Take the wheel

I tire.

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