Encounter with the Local Republican Party

A friend asked for help on the Republican party website for the county he lived in. I needed money so I offered to help. I told him I could work on the site at an hourly rate. He agreed to have me help. We worked for a couple hours together, then he gave me a list of changes he wanted me to make. I told him my estimate for the task was 5 hours. We agreed to proceed. It took me 8 hours. 

My friend would only pay me for 5 hours even though I made all the changes, and we had agreed on an hourly rate. He ignored the initial agreement of being paid by time. I didn’t even bill him for the many emails and phone calls he constantly badgered me with during the process.

He never paid me for the additional 3 hours that it took. He decided that time was on the job training. It was wild. I didn’t have a day job because the Corona-virus resulted in an unplanned and unpaid job furlough. So the money seemed critical. I also just found out I was pregnant, meaning life would soon fill with more expenses. I felt mistreated, powerless, and insulted as a professional.

So I got burnt. And that little encounter with working with the Republican party helped affirm my decision to change parties.


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