And so I ran
I ran at him
And crashed against him
And crashed against myself
And tasted the salt of my tears
And the chaos of the ocean in inside
My heart wouldn’t be drowned by the tide
He offered
The tide he took to pull me up from the bottom
Closer to a shore where rest could be found
I ran back to the sea
I dove back in the waves
I drank gallons of ocean water with an unquenchable thirst
I felt the foam around me
I floated above while dangerous creature swam underneath
I swam so far from landed
I kept my feet from touching the ground
And hoped the sweeping water would carry me
I splashed against the truth
I kicked against my conscience
I beat the swarming water with my lashing arms
I longed for air
I swam as far as my body would take me
And splashed my fear against a man
And watched him walk away.

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