Healing Words

 If I could offer some soothing balm

If I could promise rest

If I could give you words as strong as your lost husband’s arms

If I could give you promises like unbreakable chains

If I could give you love to blot out his crimes

If I could give walls that would never crumble and

Shelter that would never be destroyed


If I could do these savior things.

I cannot.

There is no salve to lessen the stings–

Of the treasured satiating necessary things:

Family, home, a way to buy earthly security,

Health and hope and home.

Or a love that protects and provides–

Of these things lost.


So consciousness will dawn for some time

As a weighty curtain

Folding around you

Collapsing upon your mornings

Wake you in sorrow.

And blot out the plans you had for tomorrow.

I wish you the strength from above.

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