I digress

I took your name off the list
and it toppled a thousand tables
Book strewn and predictable

You were a mighty tree
Blowing the daffodil and cattail wind my way

You, that apparition
Me, that curly haired voyeur

You couldn’t handle complicated
You eradicated

A forest of affection
Grown only on the nurturing
Of imagination and a few chance meeting

You silly downpour
Who’d kill a rainstorm of kindling infatuation

Based on
Maybe looks
A slice of religion
A dash of your humor
A rumbling of indifference

And my complete inability for self-control
When reeling from your rejection
Insecurity swarms

We’ll dance
Bumblebees of desire
Lost youth
Pathless in description

Hey Future, my apologies
I digress
The rhythm of possibility
Untold intimacies
And what ifs

[Written in the Pre-Michaelean Era]

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