Here are some things I like
legs, browned after the beach
seeing green stripes in my room
listening to guitar music really loud
listening to scot play guitar for hours
having a giant closet that’s never truly organized
feeling refreshed by the crisp, bold truth of Sunday sermons
I like having too many cups of coffee
I like when my friends have brand new babies
I like getting dressed up for fancy dinners
I like new earrings and clean, blow-dried hair
I like the beach with its etch-a-sketch horizon that shakes away all of my usual everyday worries
of fixing the lap top, the car, the cell phone, paying the bills, washing the dishes, putting away laundry, looking for a good job, going to a bad job, and wondering about husbands
I love words that are tangy, tart, fresh and confusing.
I love when someone teaches me something about the world I didn’t know.
I love being surprised at my inability to overcome a task I thought I’d mastered–
like conversation.
I like how even two bad days in a row don’t look completely the same
I like promises God makes
I like having lots of shoes
I like how horses are powerful and beautiful with dark brown mane and moving muscles
I like how bar-b-cue smells
I like people who are nice at coffee shops
I like wandering through the maze of Total Wines and finding that every label I read on a bottle is totally uninformative
I like the idea of teaching overseas
I don’t like being alone
I like the idea of being a rockstar
I don’t play guitar
I like family, even when they’re bad at it
I like how long its been since life was truly terrifying
I don’t know how long it will be til hope is more than restored, but tangible and promising
I like how honest kids are. I like knowing that kids have tantrums when life seems terrible– even though they will get their juice in two minutes and be okay. I don’t think I am that different than them.
I like puns, rhyming, crazy hats, 70s furniture, mountains and candles
I like good cooking. I admire how Alyssa has made a gazillion more dinners, yummy ones too, than anyone else I have seen.
I love that Star will let me run down any conversational tangent
I love that Izzy has enough style to cramp Ikea
I love that my parents are still in love with each other
I don’t like waiting for a brilliant career
I like that movies show us who we want to be and facebook pictures show how happy we wish we were.
I sometimes think jealousy lets us know we are alive. We have goals. Like beauty, friendship, romance.
I like soft beige curtains and their protection from sun.
I like evenings best.
I like the smell of onions, garlic and spice
I like the taste of baked buttery asparagus.
I like that sentences are choose-your-own-adventure senarios.
I hate when I tell a story and it bores me
I’m afraid of sharks, cat hair, and tums.
I know some of that may change.
One day I want a puppy. And Old Navy kid shoes.
Maybe a mountain. Maybe my own book.
Definitely nieces and nephews.
Maybe playing the piano.
Aw, can you taste the smell of the unknown future?

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