Kites Shooting for the Stars

Remembering the face of

The taste of

Oxygen in the

lungs of my heart

Remember the place of

The dance of

when a new life begins to start

Remembering the time how

The way of

Clouds lifting from scars

Remembering the feel of

The sound of

Kites shooting for the stars

Remembering the touch of

The vision of

Friendship that can’t be ripped apart

Remembering the dawn of

The morn of

Life after a night of dark

Remembering the pace of

Restitution of

Healing after the furnace fell apart

Remembering the circle of

The movement of

The ferris wheel which had spun apart

Remembering we wake up stronger sometimes

Remembering love can last longer some days

Remember the hope that had hid under disappointments that

Came rushing back through the adrenaline under my toes

And up through my feet and then passing through my arms

Reaching up over the trees

Starring down a mountainside

For moments

Absolutely thrilled

To be alive

To be able to love

To be able to walk beside a friend

And run past the end

of a sentence.

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