Let's Call It

Let’s call it the hormones
Maybe dysfunctional chemistry
or how about discontent?
Let’s call it disappointment
A series of blows from little missiles misleading me to think you might mirror this affection.
Let’s call it embarrassment.
Let’s call it a bad week.
Let’s call it a whole bunch of factors,
like not enough sleep, work stress and divorce
Let’s call it a season
Maybe it just comes and it goes
Let’s call it a trial, or a challenge or learning experience
–Just save me from blows–
Let’s call it a character builder or better yet consequence
Of some mismade choice,
Or better yet mistake.
How about we call it an aftershock
From that other thing that happened before
The final thing, that tried to crush your hopes
Or tear your family from your arms
Or stability from your feet
Or trust from your soul.
Let’s call it a confession.
Finally, just admitting it’s hard.
Let’s call it a loss. Time of death with a number.
Or a match or a game that needs resolution.
Let’s call it quick.
Let’s call it in now.
Let’s call out for mercy
and on bended knee give in.
Let’s not cower in phrases like doing fine and better today.
Let’s let our scars show.
Let’s let the world know.
And not be afraid
To admit we can still grow.

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