Expect to lose some Christmases,​They’re only days, one in 365.

So say adieu and wait with grace for the next glad tiding to return.


In days between, mortal babes will birth.

Each terrifying treasure springs on expectant and unprepared parents,

​Uniquely formed creature bringing tears, fears, delights.


Morning will break with dreadful sun, heavy, hot, unrelenting and uncaring.

​Many circumspections of the earth, falling like sticks upon a drum,

​Demanding steps ever forward, ever on.


To walk, to eat, to see, to hear—demands participation in this role of

existence, being, going, doing.

Knowing more than we understand.


You will be we with the world.

You will be me without the many.

You will be us apart from others.

You will be I for the people.

You will be you against, and through and by the human race.


One discovery henceforth prepare to make,

Awareness all of within – that potential for, capacity of and even penchant to

Wreak havoc on those you hate and those you love and those you even think not of.

Acknowledge within how minutes make us almost murderers, slanders, cheaters, harm causers and evil ignorers.

Forget not how often, easily and deeply we can fall prey to our desires, perversions and calling, singing mellifluous counterfeit charms.


We are broken, yet still breaking harborers of cruelty.


But still.


Noble monstrosities ignite majesty and goodness.

Artisans of living, loving and creating.

We sculpt. We bend. We carve in stone and dirt,

Legacies of beauty and of greatness.

Our breakfast bowls hold familial warmth.

Our river-rippling movement of knucklework when hands build fortresses and fingertips drip upon papers, faces and foundations.

Our sounds. Our skyscraper and sky swimmers – the feats of space and movement.

Kingly inspiration sends us burning through time,

Seeking to christen centuries with the depth and breadth and talent of molded meaning.


Life comes. Life threaten to destroy and be the thief of hope. Life quakes.

Bridging us from the plummeting chasm where we would lose grip and steadiness of foot upon earth may find, the soldering hold of friendship; a soul that can surpass itself and grasp within another. This sweet comfort and bastion not kindled so greatly with laughter as disaster can reach to grave things buried deep and drowned beneath a wrinkled brow can come and soften the beating sun, quicken the slowing days and ripen the bark and roots of a mind that alone knows only madness.

All idle, noiseless, frozen cold and mummified this lesson, these words, without the breathe that breathed a heartbeat into this mouth and voice seeking to arm and ease a coming generation—Know ye well to marry your faith –the marrow and money you would spend to survive the oft-diseased and crystalline-pleasured task of living – to the goodly, never ceasing father. Hold fast in this blind, terrifying, safe embrace of God, the first I am.

Find courage, rest, strength and warmth in this believing. Taste the feast of heard prayers and deferred hopes. Splendor and grace lie within the promises proclaimed from oldest book.

Tame the terrors vying for allegiance. Quiet the imprudent screams of fraudulent mirth and empty sustenance of decaying food inept to fill. Seek the merriment and solace of trusting –learning how to demand tomorrow’s joy—and sharing the forward path of days with you in step and anchored by another soul.

Love God and wait.

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