You’re making people I’m making memories

This place is new Unchartered You’re making people I’m making memories I’m discovering life Some days I believe in new things Knowing I’m alive Wanting to be active, participating, creating in the world Those days I want a new fishing pole I want a sewing machine I want a good camera I want to make…

Wanting Winter Warmth

Struck again You fool These pins and needles and constant wish for closeness Intimacy you slave master You paw against my soul Sold on the promise again Of just not this alone Of just not this quiet Breath of another Warmth of another Must destroy these longings Must silence it all Bury it deep With…


Moments when You feel like A sparrow Small Fragile Sometimes the surface of my smile is like a speckled eggshell Vulnerable to the tiniest of bumps and cracks I am little in a great big place A great big world With my little hands My little age spots And my big understanding of pain. I…


Here is a recent poem dealing with some of the more difficult parts of life.

My Highlight Reel -2016, A Bucket List Year

This was a year of discovery and conquering fears. From little things to big things, I explored the world this year. Met one of my favorite local authors at her recent book signing Interviewed with tech companies in San Francisco and Manhattan Went rock climbing and made it to the top despite being afraid of…

Song Lyrics from the Villagers

This beautiful song is sad and sweet. The words alone don’t do it justice, but were worthy of including on everydaypoet. Nothing Arrived by Villagers Savannah scatters and the seabird sings So why should we fear what travel brings? What were we hoping to get out of this? Some kind of momentary bliss? I waited…

I want a Mom for Christmas

Dear Santa, I want a mom for Christmas. I want a mom so badly. And I was pretty good this year, so I hope you will oblige. There are a few requirements for her.. I want a very particular, certain kind of mom. You’ll need the special elves to find her. Here’s my list I…


A glitch in the matrix A disturbance in the force The interruption you feel When you find out news About someone you care about While some say Every time a bell rings An angel’s doing things the interruption I keep hearing is distant human suffering

Growing Up with Poetry on the Walls

Growing up, there was Scripture, prose and poems around the house, things that helped mold me into the person I am today. I read and re-read these lines and began enjoying rhymes at an early age.


My face contorts, twisting muscle, pulling skin – tears again A familiar posture – SURVIVAL, then pain, then muscle memory. Maybe bending my brows and pursing my cheeks will alter reality Or perhaps offer salve. They travel- tear to eyes- face to heart and back again. Temporary agony. I know. Brief, I’m certain. But deep….