It’s time for gardening.

It’s time to bend in the sun.

To tear out the things that don’t belong.

To make space for things new.

To work your hands in to the dirt and wrap your fingers around the weeds

And use the strength from your living arms to take away distractions, impediments of growth.

Let’s live in search of water.

Let’s live in wait for harvest.

Time to dig.

To use the sweat of the brow to reach beneath the surface of the crusting earth.

I long for soil, for roots.

This could be a slow season where a vine produces a bud and then a bloom.

We could fill our bags with lettuce heads, the freshest herbs –we’d pick our favorites.

I’m waiting for the time of waiting for plants to grow.

We will look at dirt, then the sprigs of green.

We will scratch at mud and grasp the living things.

Let us seek some vegetation.

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