Poet Trying

Florida Flowers
Flowers in College Park

Poet trying

To wake up

Song in my heart

Sad on my lips

Words in the works

Looking for bliss

Slipping far from the morning stretch

Window sun rays and alarm clocks

Pretty happy

A new race beginning

That goodbye bittersweet

But building a bridge that I feel

Will force me to grow up

And stand free of the secrets

Sole soldier and strong

The vulnerability of eyeliner tears

This one story of a girls writing story lines on her arms

Reminds me of the things I carry in memories

That chemical nostalgia buried in doctors notes and a fuzzy decade called my twenties

Could I say I think love or freedom or maybe just China is on the horizon

And I’m looking forward to flying away

Somewhere different

Where the language doesn’t hold words

Trapping words

Like success, promotions, pregnancies, diplomas

The pride lost in my self-disappointment

While part of a bigger plan

A schema of otherworldly origination

The celestial destination

The sacrificial setting of the human situation

Knees bent and grace grabbing this,

Redemption’s enumerations.

Piling piling high

The trail of tears to the sky

It’s living.

Each day supposed to die

Each day afraid to try

Stopped by the hundred reasons to cry

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