Politics in the Time of Corona

When it comes to politics, I mostly listen. But I’m getting older. And I have things to say.

Choosing a Party

I was independent one year. But then kinda felt like I was just throwing away my vote. So, the next election, I chose the Local Republican Party. It matched with my upbringing, aligned with many conservative views and also made sense as far as thinking that economics should be fairly Lezze-Faire.

I do remember disappointing a friend when I didn’t vote for Obama. I also remember my graduate school professors discussing the elegant way Obama would present himself and conduct himself for each presidential address.

Lesser of Two Evils?

Next election I remember thinking neither Hillary nor Trump seemed like great choices.

The voices of muckrakers were loud in my head. The Benghazi stuff was a haze of problematic possibilities. I didn’t know a lot about Trump, but a staunch capitalist kinda seemed like a good idea. Survival of the businesses that worked the hardest, yes. I really struggled in the 2008 recession and maybe I just wasn’t trying hard enough?

Trump didn’t seem overly friendly. However, he had a bit of a Bush-like quality that I didn’t hate. I wasn’t that mad at the patriarchy. Also, I wondered if most of politics was just about money, so at least having a business mogul in office was more of a direct electing of the parties actually making the decisions. So that year, I voted for Trump.

Trump in Office

I have been in my 30’s for Trump’s presidency. Now the voices of the news are louder. But louder to me than any media spin from either party has been the way Trump addresses crowds. As an orator he seems down right belligerent.

There have been scandals, policy changes, wall threatening and many other outspoken decisions, but still my biggest issue seems to be with how he conducts himself as a speaker. So much anger, condescension and dismissal toward just the general public.

Registering as a Democrat

I want to make a better decision in November. And I want my primary vote to matter. In just the nick of time (I had one hour left), I changed my party registration online, so that I would be ready to vote for the democratic candidate in the weeks following.

Bernie and Biden both seemed like good choices. After very little debate, I chose Biden.

Hope in Biden and Bernie

I am glad to be registered as a Democrat. More than that, I am glad to not be aligned with Trump. I do think Biden and Bernie both came with great oratorical qualities and respectable platforms.

I recently read about Biden and Bernie working together during the COVID crisis. They are establishing some policy working groups. I also read about Bernie endorsing Biden. Imagine. Two former competitors making choices to support one another.

Seeing public leaders rise up and support each other speaks volumes. It gives me hope that maybe they will even support the American people.

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