Reasons Loving Hurricane Seasons

The hazel ocean swarmed
I ran fingers through green sea glass and wasn’t cut
I combed the ocean weeds with finger tips and current
The tunnel surrounded me
The translucent walls cooled and turned
Blue and aqua light traced peaks on the glossy surface
I love the storm
Black sky – a blanket of the unexpected covers all the unsuspecting landscape with a sneer
Beyond the ordinary, mundane, sunlit afternoon
Gray desserts of cloud push blank blue skies back
Crowding the horizon with anticipation
White whisps of lost clouds filter by the black and gray whirls
Distant rain blurs the view across the Saint John’s River
I climb the bridge with anticipation
These gorgeous structures where metal and geometry are wed to fortify a path larger than the beings that will pass over it.
I’m car surfing in a barrel of Florida summer
Water, rain and downpours paw at my finitude
A rush of wind cool darts through my window
The long endless day of labor is mouse trapped by a storm cloud
Thoughts bluster into a furry
A rest in that eye brings peace
Things are rearranged, bridges are feathers
We are dust roaming to, fro and around
Life might be filling the breeze with current

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