Ruby Slippers

sometimes I shut my eyes and try and hope

that no one else gets hurt

gets sick

loses a life or a friend

sometimes I click my heels and grit my teeth and hope

for babies to stay alive in their mother’s belly’s

sometimes I hold my breath and duck in hopes

that hurricanes will pass me by

and I will be able to survive

and I will be able to survive the pain

that comes

that stabs

that tears through

and leaves

so many


I don’t think I want to watch this part

I say to my life reel

The scenes unfold

And I cover my ears

While you tell me about your husband

And I try to look for roses and dewdrops and beach horizons

But I see the frailty when you look back

And fear that moment will take me over.

Sometimes I wonder when I’ll crumble.

Please keep me safe

Please keep them safe

My world

My friends

In jeopardy.

Sometimes I sit here and hope

That these tragedies will dissipate

And a day will dawn

Free of brokenness

And full of oxygen.

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