Sea Salt Dreams

Built a man out of clay

Hopes and desires

The tide washed him away

I tried to use shells and rocks to keep him close

But into little bits of sand he melted away

I decided to become a homeowner then

And purchased a castle

Digging my hands deep into the earth to make a great mote

So crocodiles and tadpoles began to circle my homestead

And keep away all the slimy fish in the sea.

Just like for every good castle, I formed a huge wall

With piles of mud, shovels and all.

But the shore threatened more

So I strengthened the wall some more

And I added savings, retirement plans, a career I loved and even hobbies

To keep the water out.

I sat in the sand by the sea.

I kept handfuls of sand next to me.

I saw sea foam clumping between my toes.

Wondering where these two feet would someday go.


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