Strip these Wires

 Rip out the cords

Overturn monopoly

and hijack the system

before the motor runs

before adrenaline takes hold

and fuel pulses through the race car speeding head on straight down Niagara

aiming to reach the bottom of the grand canyon then fill that bowl with some repurposed and disengaged tears.

Tip over the that cereal bowl of broken heart cheerios

Which melt into something so sweet

You feel sick.

Unplug me.

Can’t I be invincible to disappointment from your lack of kindness?

The two seconds I looked too long and only hoped

Before that mocking river started running into my veins.

Would someone please hot wire this soul

So it runs on something other than love?

So that the axis will grind through years that aren’t only

Turning out aching and time?

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