Summer Sway

Get that hype

try and chemically mimic this ridiclusness


Trip trippin

Into a sun stream sensation


Walls spin

Globes turn

Axle your momentum around me

Walk the line around my space

And spin around my Saturn rings

Turn turn turn

Earthquake into the moment

Wave crash into the weekend

I was splashing into a revival

Dunking your soul into some sea salt something

I dance past the lull of time and space and all that is droll

Driving around a sushi roll that spins into

Some paisley distraction

A funnel cake swing set

That I can monkey bar through

Could my mind subsist on the motion

That wheels only know as the one way to go?

Blow that dandelion far enough to ride on the stamen

And parachute past that the paper plastic pairs of

Peaceful people Publix shopping pleasantly

Au revoir!

I’m leaning less toward reality

And more toward elasticity.

Wouldn’t you love to know the feeling?

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