It’s the boy holding flours

It’s the boy holding flours at your doorstep and all you can think about is that maybe someday he might hold hands with you.  This is somewhere around the time where Sinatra crooned about Guys and Dolls, and Freddie and Ginger Waltz in the background.  “You are a murderer of love,” the die-hard honest fourteen…


Because he walked away his gelato is melting he is not here so his americano is cooling- it no longer has the ability to scald. Because this chair is empty the water glass pools with condensation and the gelato continues to drip through the mesh metal table

Song Time

I think I can say this, I like you. I think I can just feel this, between me and maybe even you- that I like you.   Let me strum this a little tossing down some one beat lyrics and turn your name through a couple of three chords hooks then I will shake you…


Boy found a lamp; light it to see color on an old-fashioned shade by an old-fashioned girl waiting under a blanket hand-made