Typing to Coldplay

These fingertips will build a future made with words and structured with the literal dexterity of my imagination and propelled by the enigmatic fortitude and pathos engendered by music.


Suffering is the polarity to glory Despair is the undercoat of worship Where is Sanity’s equinox? In the day of dying and birthing.


Heart beat heart in my car fast car when we talk fast talk on the road love road from the beach wave beach where we run sun run where we talk fast talk where waves crash waves and my heart beats stop beats then my heart crash heart crashed into your smile crash smile

A Dalliance

Writing- a dance Pen strokes- a chance word sounds- a chant vowel rounds- in rants that’s all it is- a dance Ideas bounce- in trance word counts – in France write RENOUNCE -in caps Sentence carousals- this dance