The S-cat-ology of Motion

The feline fiend curls like firm knuckles around a coffee mug – gripping warmth

She reaches fingers and toes akimbo for some tenterhook treasures

These bones and sinews like taffy on a rack

Turning, stretch, turning, curling like the Mississippi river cuddles the banks

And moves and moves

rowing nearer to the corners and drifting round, round

Seafoam laps at land.

The cat, the cat. Rear paws reach back while front feet crawl forward

And the spine dips in a U.

The cat rolls.

Cat nestles into a couch arm, you crevice-filler, you

The cat cow motion begins. And the human drawbridge reaches toward ground until that split

Belly taut, a single arch that takes on such altitude that it leaps apart.

suspended in broken balanced wholeness-

gone foundation stone holds the bowels of a ship.

Bifurcate a being into two

Or maybe or maybe I’d say

The wringing of a rag.the dipping of a sewing machine needle

The trajectory of an upward throw

And return to terra firma.

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