The Well, the Deep

I keep my secrets in a well
The wall it keeps them very well.
I draw a bucket down to the deep
To hear my thoughts within the deep.
I tie a rope to the past and pull
Until memories at my heart won’t pull.
I tie regret to rocks and let them sink
far to the place that heavy things sink.
I fasten death and sadness upon chains
And reel down those weighty heavy chains.
I stand over the the edge and look
At who will then back at me look.
A stranger shows at that reflection
My fears revealed in this reflection.
I hover close, the mirror clouds.
It shows the sky is filled with clouds.
I stand by my well and wonder well.
I stand over strong with wooden cover.
I stand in the sun, held by the son.
I lose secrets under water’s surface sweet
And gather refreshment there more sweet.
The well is where I go to drink.
To take the cup of life and drink.

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