It’s been some time since I wrote on cavern walls
Since I wandered tunnels of inner monologues
My ten fingertips haven’t felt the engravings and hashmarks of slowly passing time
In quite some time – Love sped me forward, upward
But I know that places within still have stone remnants, tales,
Unwanted welts, imperfections, dents in the delicate rock
Cracks in the marble white of michaelango hearts
Somewhere between the kissing of two celestial stars
Love makes us mute with words and loud with living
Silencing so much of that longing that makes walking heavy
Quieting much of that tumult and angst and angry sea within
For a respite perhaps
But if this is a desert island – this moment in my life – maybe I can live on the morsel
Of my existence
Since the sky and the ground have not left my head or two and God still holds this world in his hands I know
The healing freeing being hope restoring so much of the shroud I felt I was becoming
Tombing my way through the day was such an awful awful way
To keep
Keep going.
I no longer travel alone.
He brings light to the darkest deepest depths of my being.

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