Return to start
Pendulum swings
But it’s a good motion
Return to sender
Goodbye song
Let’s just live on letters
Just hinge feelings in text
And be untouched by what’s next
The things that live and leap and pass us
Like lightening bugs and shooting stars
Here, gone
Sweet, sour, bitter, bland, forgotten
Or savored for every second of the moment
So many moments start, finish, flashback.
I’ll take them
I’ll take them and jump even higher
Because height is good
I like ascending
I like that it’s hard to breathe as you soar into the atmosphere
Don’t you?
We will return to the ground soon enough
That terra firma
That hard dirt that holds waking moments
Inevitability of mundane sleep
That will rock us very unlike this feeling
But rocks are good.
Rocks thrown over fences and missing
Rocks that hold a foundation
Rocks that become paper and go in a bottle
With a message that floats in the water toward the next generation
Or you
Or another dimension
Or my future
Or any unknown destination
I throw as far as I know how
Go tide and take these tidings
Go fly a bottle upon peaks and valleys in the storm of
Inevitable currents
Don’t sink though
Don’t hit that terra firma
Or we will be stuck searching for another way
To rescue our Titanic.

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