Welcoming My Precious Intruder

Pregnancy is a strange sickness
With a promised finale of utter pain followed by overwhelming joy
But for many months that growing fetus infects you
This living wondrous thing takes residence in a body
Very unfamiliar with foreign, living occupants
The host can have moments of being rather perturbed
By the intensity with which
This seed takes root and ripples through the fabric
Of an entire fleshly body
Leaving me
So very out of control
Making sleep into a veritable satire of rest
Making night into a looming, dooming, long and tiring thing
And then waking is aching
Exercise causes ache
Rest causes ache
Lying and sitting and standing each inflicts its own little ache
Crying is always a nearby companion
Exhaustion a sneaky minion always waiting to pounce
And the mind pacing through each trick of energetic impulse
Trying to outsmart just one bit of this 9 month race
Sure it is a delight
To be so overtaken by a new kind of life
But it is no sole exclamation of thrill, promise and expectation
It is a crowd, an army, a multitude of sensations
Telling me everything is different
And my body
Is rather frighteningly slipping from my control
And into strange subservience
To my becoming child
While leaving my transforming self

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