You’re making people I’m making memories

This place is new

You’re making people
I’m making memories
I’m discovering life

Some days
I believe in new things
Knowing I’m alive
Wanting to be active, participating, creating in the world
Those days
I want a new fishing pole
I want a sewing machine
I want a good camera
I want to make fine espresso
I want to plant a spice garden
I want all the art supplies
I will cook a feast
I will capture light on the water by a lakefront
I plan to travel to Australia, Ireland, Thailand
And learn all the dances
All the languages
All the life

Thinking it would be nice to share it
Thinking it would nice to invite in a friend
Thinking settling down for a long time would be the best course.

Both peaceful and lonely
Creating space for my own life
My nest for quiet time
For making things

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